Early Birds – By Danny Watson

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eb1So who are these crazy EARLY BIRDS? Simple answer- we’re a group of friends who meet every Tuesday and Friday morning at 6am for a 5K(ish) run.

We have a group of regulars and group of people who dip in and dip out but EVERYONE is welcome; the more the merrier! We always have a laugh and a chat on the way round and it really is the best way to start the day.

We started back in April when we had the summer to look forward to. It was great to wake up and see the sun come up as we ran. The summer months were really great but now the autumn is here and the mornings are dark you’d think the fun would be over. Wrong!! Only last Tuesday we had the wettest run I’ve ever had. We almost floated round – the roads were just rivers. But did that stop the enjoyment? Absolutely not!! As we squelched back into the car park we we’re all still chatting and laughing. It was amazing. One of the most popular games we played was when we did “Through the Keyhole”. We ran a route that passed a few of the group’s houses; taking a photo outside each. Then they were posted on Facebook for people to guess who lived where. It’s planned to do another one soon so watchout! Please come and give it a try. We don’t bite and really would like more people to discover the joys of an early morning run – Danny Watson