Fitness Walking

Fitness Walking!

What is Fitness Walking?

Its a fun way of getting some excercise, exploring the countryside and making new friends. We walk at a pace to suit you. We keep the group together by planning in extra loops etc for the faster walkers so nobody every gets left behind or feels like they are holding the group up.

Who Is it for?

Fitness walking is for everyone because it has less impact on the joints than running. This is perfect for people who are suffering with joint problems or conditions where impact is an issue. It is also a great way to improve fitness before taking the step of becoming a runner, to improve your general wellbeing and just to have some fun!

What the Health benefits of Fitness Walking?

Walking stimulates blood flow which aids circulation and weight loss. Walking de-toxifies the body and excersise causes the release endorphins for that feel good factor. Fitness walking is suitable for even the most unfit

Why Should You Come And Have a Go?

We are awesome! Fun, friendly, enthusiastic and you are certain to have a a good time! We go at a nice pace, taking in the scenery of a nice, safe planned out route. The walks are supervised by an experienced Team Leader or Manager ensuring that you are safe at all times.