As a GOLD MEMBER you have exclusive access to our directory of discounts. Please make sure you have read the below information before claiming a discount.

Many of these businesses are owned or managed by members of the club. You WILL be required to show a valid Beginners2Runners discount card in order to receive the discount. This discount card will be sent to you once per month via email, it will be valid for one month. This is for your use as a GOLD MEMBER and should not be given to non members. 

Legal Disclaimer 

Beginners2Runners does not endorse any product or business listed in this directory. We have collated a list of local businesses willing to take part in our scheme. We cannot vouch for the business concerned. 

We have advised all participating businesses to challenge and refuse any person unable to produce a valid, in date, discount card.

Please do not attempt to obtain a discount if you are not a current gold member, it is a criminal offence to do so and will also cause embarassement when you are refused discount.