How we started

We started our venture when we began teaching people to run in 2013, where we formed our first running club in Coxheath, Kent. Due to the success of this group, Beginners2Runners was born in 2014 and soon after opened our second and third club and have been fortunate enough to open more each year since.

Now with multiple clubs across the UK, we are open at various locations 6 days a week from Sunday evening through to Friday morning. Our members can attend any session at any club.

Please see our Click Here to find your nearest clubs details.

Each of our clubs meet at a safe, secure venue where we meet twice a week and we are proud that we are able to employ local people to manage each of them them.

Each of our Club Managers are assisted by a wonderful team of volunteer Team Leaders, who lead all of our runs.

All of our Staff are members who have run with us, many of them having gone through our 0-5k Beginners2Runners course and who then complete our in-house training.

Founder Steve Grantham

After serving as a Police Officer for Kent Police for 10 years, Steve went on a personal fitness journey. Completing the NHS Couch to 5k on his own, he lost 6 stone and enjoyed not only the physical benefits, but also the improvement in his mental health that running brought.

But after a while of running on his own, something was missing...a social aspect.

So he put a call out to see if anyone wanted to run with him and the responses he received were largely, yes but I don't know how or I'm too unfit.

That is when Steve was inspired to start teaching people to run and the rest as they say is history!

B2R Family

With the help of Steve’s mum, Andrea, brothers Tom and Joe, wife Harriett and sister-in-law Ruby, Beginners2Runners has evolved into a family run business who are now able to employ local people to continue to grow.

In 2019, we won The Best Family Business Award at the Maidstone Business Awards.

Although teaching beginners and maintaining members running through our club nights remain a primary focus, Steve has managed to create a fun, friendly atmosphere, where many of our members meet up at club social events such a quiz nights and Christmas parties.

We hold our very own Woodland Run race each year in Aylesford where members from across or clubs gather for a fun rub with a bit of bling at the end!

As well have been able to offer our members exclusive trips such as the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge!