Running is like learning to drive…

Running is like learning to drive…

Imagine this scenario: -

Your driving instructor turns up for your first ever lesson, you have never driven before and are feeling nervous. The small Nissan Micra somehow looks huge and the prospect of driving it is bigger still. You walk around, get into the driving seat and sit down. The instructor tells you “Let’s just drive as far and fast as we can”! How ludicrous does this sound?

Time after time this is the scenario, someone decides they want to get fit so they pull on some trainers and go for a run. No plan, no technique and are hugely surprised that they either hurt themselves or can't move for the aches and pains the next day, or just don't get past the end of the road before running out of breath.

Running too fast, too far, poor technique and thus resulting in confirmation bias that you HATE running!! Of course you feel that way, it’s not fun and it hurts. In most cases this same person has over restricted their calorie intake by “Crash Dieting” for fast results, which means you are exhausted before you start. Sound like you? … If it is, STOP IT!!

Just as you would not jump in the learner car and tear off with a devil may care attitude, the same must apply to learning to run. By learning the basics, following a structured and progressive plan you will succeed. Each time you run you should finish feeling like you have a little left in the tank. If not, you have overdone it and are pushing too hard. Becoming a runner is a process and there is no quick fix. Just as driving lessons build in duration, distance, and technical ability, the same applies to running. Each time you drive/run your technique gets better, the drive gets smoother and your confidence increases. It is entirely possible to become a confident 5k runner in 10 weeks, remain injury free and find a LOVE for running.

 The formula is simple:

Consistency + Following a plan + Patience = Improvement!

 Sadly, there is no magic wand, the process of self-improvement is never complete and it’s about learning to love the process. At Beginners2Runners this is what we do as a club, we teach you how to run safely in a supportive environment which makes running fun. You are much more likely to run/exercise if you enjoy what you do and the company you keep doing it. At Beginners2Runners once you hit that 5k goal (We call it graduation), Consider your driving test passed! The running world is then your oyster and we will help you to continue your progression towards your next goal, whether that's running 5k regularly with your clubmates, getting ready for a race or increasing your distance and/or pace.

Give us a shout if you would like some help getting started,

Steve & The Beginners2Runners Team.

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